Update On Federal Premium Cigar Tax Increase Proposal

Dear Supporters:

In our ongoing efforts to keep you apprised of the serious threat posed by a federal tax increase on premium cigars, we wanted to update you on our efforts.
Last week, the House Ways & Means Committee passed the tax proposal package as introduced.

All Republican amendments to the bill were defeated and the Democrats offered none.
The proposal is now in the hands of the House Budget Committee, where they are waiting on negotiations between House and Senate Democratic leadership and the White House before the legislative process proceeds.

Once the legislation clears the Budget Committee, the bill will transit to the House Rules Committee, which would be the last stop before consideration of the bill by the full House.
Negotiations on the proposal are continuing to take place behind the scenes. The CRA legislative team is working closely with key members of the Senate and House to protect handmade cigars.

As we continue to fight against this egregious tax proposal, it is now more important than ever that you be a member of CRA and stay up to date on this legislation and help us oppose this increased tax on your cigars!


Should you have any questions or would like further information on the tax proposal, please contact Mike Copperman (mike.copperman@cigarrights.org) or Cody Carden (cody.carden@cigarrights.org)


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